Course Curriculum

    1. Return and Rise™: Transformational Promise Video Introduction

    2. Introducing the aims and objectives of Nikki's work

    1. Return and Rise™ Welcome Video

    2. Course Content

    1. Module 1 Intro Before Starting a Career Break

    2. Module 1 Part 1 Before Starting a Career Break

    3. Module 1 Part 1 Before Leaving Checklist

    4. Module 1 Part 2 Before Returning from Career Break

    5. Module 1 Part 2 Before Return Checklist

    6. Module 1 Part 3 Coping with Change

    7. Module 1 Part 3 Priorities Exercise

    1. Module 2 Intro Preparing to Return from a Career Break

    2. Module 2 Part 1 Imminent Return

    3. Module 2 Part 1 Imminent Return Checklist

    4. Module 2 Part 2 Returner Mindset

    5. Module 2 Part 2 Resilience Re-visited Exercise

    6. Module 2 Part 3 Confidence to Return

    7. Module 2 Part 3 Skills and Strengths Exercise

    1. Module 3 Intro Returning

    2. Module 3 Part 1 Time Ownership

    3. Module 3 Part 1 Time Ownership Action Challenge

    4. Module 3 Part 2 Healthy Boundaries

    5. Module 3 Part 2 Healthy Boundaries Action Challenge

    6. Module 3 Part 3 Knowing Your Value

    7. Module 3 Part 3 Knowing your Value Checklist

    1. Module 4 Intro Career Progression beyond the Break

    2. Module 4 Part1 Goals and Values

    3. Module 4 Part 1 Goal Setting Exercise

    4. Module 4 Part 2 Being Yourself, Now

    5. Module 4 Part 2 Success Exercise

    6. Module 4 Part 3 Business Development and Networking

    7. Module 4 Part 3 Business Development/ Networking Do-s and Don't-s Checklist

About this course

  • £397.00
  • 2.5 hours of video content

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Course Testimonials

  • Louise, Barrister

    Purposeful and Practical

    I found this course incredibly useful. Even when dealing with intangible things such as feelings around returning to work, it is linked back to practical steps and advice. It is pragmatic too, touching on time management, effective networking and career progression, to name a few examples. Every topic is supported with a pdf of key points, making it easy to digest information and look back on what was learnt. Incredibly engaging delivery and tasks that require individual reflection keep you involved and accountable. Highly recommend.

  • Amy, Senior Lawyer

    I wasn’t properly prepared for…how the [career] break could throw me off-course in terms of what I wanted career-wise, both short and long term. There was a definite feeling of being all at sea and under-confident in my abilities when I returned to work after a year out. I wish I had access then to Nikki’s Career Break Return course which acknowledges these challenges and includes a number of practical exercises that can be done while on maternity leave, as well as some valuable tips, recommendations and personal insights, to make the transition back to work easier. I am glad that I stayed in the game after having my daughter and, with Nikki’s guidance, I am working from a much more informed and confident starting point as I look forward to taking maternity leave for a second time round.

  • Recently promoted career break returner, Legal Director

    I wanted to thank you for planting the seed [of promotion] last year when I returned from maternity leave. I never thought upon my return that I would get promoted in the year. You were somebody that believed in me from the start. I really appreciated your encouragement and support. It just shows what you can achieve if you put mind to it!

  • Rebecca, Solicitor

    Invaluable toolkit for female professionals

    Comment: Fantastic training and resources for returners and all professionals seeking to establish career and life goals and - crucially - to set a path to achieving them. Highly recommended.